La cultura del caffe

An environmentally conscious espresso bar.

Espresso Lounge is an independently run enterprise that brings the ‘continental coffee culture’ to the North East with a twist of ethical responsibility.

Espresso Lounge has developed a strong brand identity with our own range of Deluxe Lattes, Eiskaffee, Hand crafted Artisan Teas and Smoothies, which is unique in a market swamped by the multiples. We have developed a reputation for our innate sense of quality and style which sets us apart from the crowd.

We will be launching smart, contemporary outlets in the North-East
and our unique project aims to showcase the quality of fairly
traded organic coffees and pioneer a new style of doing
business that closes the gap between coffee growers
in the developing world and coffee lovers on the
high street.

Our high quality coffee is the cornerstone of our
offering. Working in conjunction with UK’s largest
independent coffee roaster Matthew Algie;
Espresso Lounge offers customers uniquely triple
certified coffee - Fairtrade, Organic and Rainforest
. The Fairtrade Mark guarantees that coffee
producers are paid a fair price. Organic certification guarantees
that farmers avoid unnecessary chemicals and pesticides. The Rainforest Alliance certification guarantees that natural resources are conserved and wildlife is protected, coffee is grown in the shade of the rainforest canopy, maturing slowly, the way nature intended, maintaining valuable habitat for wildlife.

We are a business with a conscience and always choose the fair-trade option if at all possible and feel a good quality product deserves to be bought at a fair price.

Wherever possible Espresso Lounge are sourcing fair-trade, organic ingredients. We aim to show that with a little effort everybody can be more environmentally responsible even if that contribution is merely ensuring that their morning takeaway coffee is triple certified, made with locally sourced organic milk and served in a takeaway cup made from recycled, 100% bio-degradable.